Day 7 and 8: Steak Nachos and a Liquor Store!


Hey Everyone, so as you might have noticed, I’m changing up my writing schedule. In order to keep my sanity and make sure I write about all the performances I get to see, I’ll be writing a blog post every other day versus everyday. Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get to the music.

Sunday I made a stop by Moontower Saloon for 512 Studio Live’s season kickoff party. Before I talk about the bands and 512 Studios, I want to talk about Moontower Saloon. This was my first visit and certainly won’t be my last. I had done no research going in and did not anticipate how awesome it would be. Moontower is so much more than a bar. They have a huge outdoor space with ring toss, cornhole, beach volleyball and food trucks. Not to mention there outdoor stage and bars. Being able to sit in the shade, eat steak nachos and listen to live music is not something I take lightly. It’s located a little bit South near Slaughter, but for anyone that want’s more than a bar, it is totally worth the drive.

Jam Therapy

Jam Therapy at Moon Tower Saloon

512 Studios Live is an Austin based T.V show hosted by Omar Vallejo showcasing local bands, bars and businesses. It airs every Saturday night on the CW Austin. If you’re a cable cord cutter like me, have no fear, they put up full episode on their YouTube Channel. This seasons debut featured the wonderfully talented Jack Venson. I highly recommend putting it on, even it you just leave the audio playing in the background. The kick off concert at Moontower featured performances from Euphorian, EREZ, Jam Therapy, Derrick Davis, Vallejo and Jukebox Heroes. For me, the highlight was Jam Therapy. They’re a band that I’ve seen on several occasions, but never fail to impress and entertain. I know it’s cliche, but bass player Chase Morgan and lead guitarist Alejandro “Bob” Rios play like men possessed. They’re all over the stage and animated for every song, putting on the type of performance that you’d expect to see from a band playing an arena show. They’re mix of Rock/Groove/Jazz  combines for a sound that inspires visions of a time when Zeppelin and The Who dominated the air waves. Check out their appearance on 512 Studios Live from last season here.

Ben Balmer

Ben Balmer at Whip In

Monday, one week after the start of this crazy journey, I decided to head right down the street from my house to a place called Whip In. The best way that I could describe Whip In is it’s a music venue, inside a restaurant, inside a liquor store with a great outdoor patio. All of that comes together to create a surprisingly laid back music experience. My girlfriend Katie and I sat at the bar drinking our weight in Topo Chico while Ben Balmer and his band played a sweet mix of blues, folk and rock. Ben and his band play the type of music that sucks me in and makes me forget the passage of time. Sitting their listening to them play, when he announced he had one song left, I was legitimately surprised to see that an hour and a half had gone by. Give them a listen here, and find out where you can see them live here.

With one week down, I’m so happy with the mix of music I’ve heard and the new venues I’ve been to. I’m pumped to see what the next 3 weeks have in store for me. The next two days I’ll be at The Volstead for a Counter Culture Collective Philharmonic and KUTX’s Studio 1A for a performance by The Civil Wars’ John Paul White. Should be a fun couple of days! As always, thanks for reading and follow along with me on Facebook!

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