Day 4: Eric Tessmer and the Promise of Steak


I think I’ve hit a sort of rhythm with the way I select shows. Because I live in Austin and the music scene has as many options as a Chinese buffet on any given night. I’ve figured out a way to see shows every night during the week, at new venues, and not die. My game plan is simple, if I go to a late show one night, the next night I’ll pick a relatively early show. Weekends are going to be a free for all, because I want to see all the shows and I can sleep in.

Eric Tessmer

Eric Tessmer performing live at The Hoffbrau

Last night was an early show night after Wednesday’s badass loud metal show. A friend earlier in the day suggested I hit The Hoffbrau to get a steak and listen to guitar Demi-God, Eric Tessmer (I gave him that title, I don’t think he calls himself that. In our short interaction after the show he seemed really nice and down to Earth). I had heard of and heard good things about Eric Tessmer before, but none of that prepared me for how amazing he’d be in person. He’s the kind of good that looks so effortless, so good, for a fleeting second I thought maybe I could play guitar. Playing a worn fender that I’m sure has seen a thousand stages, he sh for a solid 2 hours with a break in the middle.

He was playing at The Hoffbrau as part of their 84th anniversary celebration. Along with the live music, they were running a promotion for $8.40 T-Bones. Little did I know until I got there, that you couldn’t sit outside and eat the steak. I had to choose between Eric Tessmer or steak. I chose the music, obviously, and have no regrets.

I love a good steak but  to me, great live music represents a singular unique moment in time. Each show different and awesome in it’s own way. Don’t get me wrong, it would have been awesome to eat steak and listen to the show last night, but I definitely made the right choice.

Going on 5 days in and I feel really good about what I’m doing. I’m visiting venues I had previously never been to and seeing musicians that I had never heard live. Sure my body aches and my the end of this I’ll have probably been driven mad by sleep deprivation, but it’s all worth it. At the end of this month I’ll have seen and heard some of the best this city has to offer and I can’t wait!

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