Day 3: Epic Metal Music Explosion Time!


Grizzly Hall The title of this blog is a small homage to the epic song titles I heard last night; “For the Horde” “Night Hides the World” and “Call of Valhalla” among them. Day 3 took me to Grizzly Hall, which is tucked away off Riverside, right across from a bingo hall. The show was aptly billed as “The Fellowship of the Strings” and featured three metal bands: Spellcaster, Exmortus and Holy Grail. All long haired, fast playing, hard hitting badass bands.

Before I jump into the show, I want to talk about the venue, Grizzly Hall, and how amazing it is! I didn’t realize when I started this journey Monday, that stuffed bears would be a running theme, but last night I saw my second in 3 days. However unlike Mohawk’s bear, this one was not wearing a fancy suit.  Also, the walls in Grizzly were covered in timber, which made me feel like I was seeing a metal show on the set of Little House on the Prairie. The timber combined with the stuffed bear and metal music made for an equal parts surreal and fantastic experience.

Now to the music. All of the bands were metal, but the sounds varied, especially the lead singers of Spellcaster and Exmortus. Spellcaster front-man Tyler Loney had a more melodic sound, while Exmortus’ lead singer Jadran “Conan” Gonzalez had more of a gravily tone. At one point Exmortus covered Beethoven; it was unexpected and mind brilliant to hear Moonlight Sonata come from an electric guitar. Give it a listen here if you’ve got a moment, it’s well worth it. Holy Grail’s sound and style fell straight out of a time machine riding on the back a winged horse named Iron Maiden. With his forearms covered in spikes, lead singer, James-Paul Luna, hit high note after high note that would have made Dio proud.

The whole night, from the bands, to the venue and all of the fans that showed, were great. I met and talked metal with some really great people that were kind enough to share with me their passion about the genre and these bands in particular. I’m always so happy to talk about what people are passionate about, those conversations are infectious and get me hyped up just listening.


I’d like to think it’s name is “Metal Kamasutra”

I’m not going to pretend that I know a lot about the genre of metal as a whole, but after last night, I can honestly say I have a greater appreciation for it. The absolute highlight of the night for me was when Exmortus’ lead guitarist and lead singer intertwined their bodies and played each others guitars. I’ve never seen anything like it outside of Cirque du Soleil. I was lucky enough to snap a picture, take a look and count the legs to orient yourself!

For Day 4, I’ll be eating steak and watching Eric Tessmer perform live at The Hoffbrau for their 84th Anniversary celebration. If you can make it, come kick it with me!

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