Day 2: Low Key at Waterloo Records



Waterloo Records

Today’s post is going to be a short one, because like the title says, yesterday was pretty low key. I had originally planned on hitting Hotel Vegas for Sweat Lodge’s tour kickoff, but decided to call an audible and hit an in-store show at Waterloo Records.

giphyTurns out staying up til 2am and then waking up at 7am takes a toll on my body. For an accurate representation on how I was feeling yesterday, please turn your attention to this gif of Winona Ryder’s Joyce, from my newest obsession, Stranger Things.

While I shuffled and yawned my way around Waterloo yesterday, I was treated to the folk indie sounds of Aussie Emma Swift and Texan Holly Munoz. I gotta say, even in my sleep deprived state, it was really nice to browse albums while listening to live music. Emma’s sound reminded me a lot of Jewel’s early work, while Holly’s songs kept my attention from the stories they told. Leading into her song “Meet Me in Miami“, she explained the two lovers mentioned in the lyrics were meth cookers/users on a trip to Disney. I don’t know if I would have caught that if she hadn’t explained it prior to the song but it was great setup and gave me visions of a folksy Jesse and Walt while I listened.

With that, day 2 in the books, so on I go! Glad I gave myself a break yesterday, this is a marathon not a sprint. With that being said, I’m busting out my best plain black t-shirt and hitting Grizzly Hall tonight for a metal show.

This will be my first metal show in Austin and my first time at Grizzly Hall, so it should make for an interesting night and read for tomorrow. Two days down and too many to count to go!

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