Day 1: Bears, Bare Feet and a Birthday!



Day one of 30 days of Austin Music is a wrap! I don’t know if it could have started any better than with Los Coast and Danny Malone. Both bands put on a fantastic live show last night.

I want to start off this series by talking a bit about where my head’s at with all of this. This idea was conceived from a genuine place of love. Love that I have for Austin and the musicians that call it home. I don’t consider myself a writer, or someone who knows a great amount about the ins and outs of the music scene. To put it simply, I’m a fan who found an excuse to spend a month experiencing my favorite parts of the city. At the end of this month, if I’ve introduced just a few of you to a new band, then I’ll consider this all to be a great success. Now to jump into last night!

I keep writing and rewriting how to describe the show I saw last night. I want to use phrases like, “for a Monday show”, or talk about the size of the stage they played on and how well they controlled it. But these bands don’t need qualifiers like that. I don’t think I need to put their performances into context. They both, in their own ways, went up on stage and left it all out there.

Los Coast

Los Coast’s Trey Privott

Los Coast kicked things off with enough punch and soul that I was hooked from the very beginning. The voice and energy of lead singer,Trey Privott made even the slower songs feel electric. It was like witnessing a young James Brown without the pageantry but all the raw soul that made his music so great. Their performance was a perfect example of what’s unique about Austin. There aren’t just a few days or venues that hold all the cities musical talent; it can be found anywhere, on any given day. I suggest you see Los Coast live, but until then, give them a listen here.







Danny Malone

Danny Malone‘s music is meant to be both heard and felt. I got that impression the moment I started streaming his music yesterday morning. What I didn’t anticipate is how hearing it live would make me feel. The way he writes and plays felt very personal. Often it felt like a secret journal set to music, with the lyrics describing his toughest moments. By luck, I stood behind Danny’s mom during the performance. This very sweet woman who was wearing a big pearl necklace, perched on top of a stool from the bar. Towards the end of the show Danny played a song that started out with a voicemail left by his dad. In that moment, hearing his father tell him he loved him, and the look that Danny shared with his mother really hit home for me. I understood that look because I’ve had it with my own family. It gave me a moment of pause and reflection on the people that I love that are with me and those that I’ve lost. It sounds weird to write this, but I felt lucky to be in the room and witnessing the moment. I don’t think I would have gotten that had I seen him in any city other than his hometown.

The whole set wasn’t entirely made of these deeply personal moments. After all, it was Danny’s birthday. We sang to him, his brother bought the band and a few members of the crowd shots. There was joking, there was laughter, happiness and a whole host of other emotions. It really felt like a celebration that happened to have music.

Walking up to the venue last night, I found the doorman reading a paperback, which made me think I was in for a long night. It turned out to be so much more than I could have hoped for. I know I’d be foolish to expect all 30 days to be like last night, but one or more like that sure would be fine with me.

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